Geo Week News

September 16, 2022


Three Key Steps Towards Smarter and Sustainable Construction

The construction industry is undergoing massive growth, and with increased urbanization around the globe. This is only expected to continue, with urbanization projects increasing as time goes on. While this is great news for the AEC industry, there are still improvements to be made on both the efficiency and sustainability fronts. Much of the construction industry’s workflows are still disparate and inefficient, and the construction sector remains one of the single largest contributors to global emissions around the world.

The latest Geo Week News report looks at ways to counteract some of these shortcomings, leading to smarter and more sustainable construction methods. Tools like BIM, digital twins, and reality capture can be used to enhance sustainability efforts while also reducing waste and inefficiency. In addition, some tools traditionally associated with the geospatial industry can be leveraged to enhance AEC workflows.

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