Geo Week News

August 2, 2022


5 Cutting-Edge Technologies for the Surveyor’s Toolbox

Though surveying is a long-standing profession, that doesn’t mean that the techniques, tools and technologies have remained static. Surveyors in the field are always looking for new and more efficient tools for their trade - asking:

Are there new tools currently in use that might help to save time or increase safety in the field? 

Can using UAVs or other automated systems enhance existing workflows?

What new technologies are ready to be put to work today?

The latest Geo Week News report helps to answer these questions by focusing on the recent advancements and availability of technology for surveying and their readiness for the surveying and mapping profession. From advanced lidar, to 3D mobile mapping and recent improvements in SLAM sensors, as well as the maturity of UAVs, drones, and automation, the available tools have never been broader. 

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