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April 25, 2019

How can UAS Lidar Support Civil Engineering?


The fourth episode of the Points + Pixels podcast focuses on the use of drones to support civil engineering project work. Company founder, Mary Wohnrade, and her son, Brendan Thompson, are the leaders of Wohnrade Civil Engineers, which is based in Broomfield, Colorado.

Mary and her team provide civil engineering services throughout Colorado and have used drones to capture high-resolution imagery for municipal project work. Wohnrade has since developed a service offering for “unmanned precision aerial mapping” and the firm has recently invested in a new, unmanned lidar mapping system. Mary and Brendan share their thoughts about drone mapping, lidar data, and the challenge of producing accurate geospatial derivatives from point cloud data.

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Episode Contributors

Bill Emison
Conference Chair
Mary Wohnrade
Founder, Wohnrade Civil Engineers

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