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July 1, 2019

Emerging Geo Tech: Proof of Location using Blockchain


The sixth episode of the Points + Pixels podcast focuses on the application of blockchain technology to support geospatial location intelligence. Ryan King, co-founder and CEO, launched FOAM in 2018. He is based out of the New Lab at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, an interdisciplinary workspace designed to support urban entrepreneurs leveraging advanced technologies.

FOAM is a company that specializes in protocols, applications and standards that connect geospatial data to the blockchain. FOAM is also the name of an open protocol for building a consensus-driven map of the world. This map will provide the basis for to-be-developed new applications in a range of verticals that can benefit from blockchain, a technology that focuses on decentralization and does away with intermediary parties.

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Episode Contributors

Bill Emison
Conference Chair
Ryan John King
co-founder and CEO of FOAM

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