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December 20, 2011

Z+F releases LaserControl 8.2, support for e57 standard


New features include Mirror Filter, single-target registration, more

WANGEN IM ALLGÄU, Germany – Zoller + Fröhlich announced this week the release of its LaserControl 8.2 software, which features a number of new capabilities for processing laser scan data. These include cloud-to-cloud registration, single-target registration, a Mirror Filter function, and an improvement to the AutoTarget feature.

Further, 8.2 introduces support for ASTM’s e57 standard for laser scan data. All cartesian coordinates, intensity, and RGB values can now be imported, and ZFS files exported, as e57. Bitmaps and spherical 3D data are not yet included. There is also now support for import and export of OSF files, the format developed by i3mainz, Institute for Spatial Information and Surveying Technology.

The cloud-to-cloud feature now allows for targetless registration – with the user simply providing an approximate adjustment through pre-registration, either manually in 3D or with a mouse-click in the 2D environment. Alternately, users can choose to employ single-target registration, with a leveled scan and known scanner height. In the field, the scanner and target are then mounted on tripods and located above known points.

The Mirror Filter allows for positioning planar surfaces onto a mirror or other reflective surface, then associating those points to the projection with an optimized selection tool for best data conserving of nearby components. 

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