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August 19, 2013

Will new digital modeling technology change 3D engineering design?


New cloud-based CAE app based on Ciespace’s patented BubbleMesh technology

Ciespace Corporation, a 3D digital modeling software firm, said it received $4 million in funding to help market its new cloud-based, computer-aided engineering (CAE) application now available on its SaaS-based engineering simulation platform.

Based in Santa Clara, Calif., Ciespace serves the aerospace, automotive, industrial computer-aided design (CAD), and government markets.

The privately held company debuted its web-based Ciespace CFD software platform in June, saying it cuts digital prototyping costs due to a reduced engineering cycle time by making it easier to go from CAD to CAE for applications ranging from automobile crash simulation to complex fluid dynamic (CFD) and electromagnetic (EM) analysis.

The new software is based on Ciespace’s patented BubbleMesh technology, which automatically generates meshes for non-linear, multi-physics, and large-scale engineering analysis. Ciespace CFD also makes the leading open source CFD engine OpenFOAM more accessible to a broader cross-section of engineering users.
The investment came from a consortium of investors led by ARCH Venture Partners (ARCH) and the University of Tokyo-Edge Capital (UTEC).

“After a thorough analysis of BubbleMesh and its various commercial applications, we strongly believe that Ciespace’s digital modeling technology will have a dramatic impact on how engineering design is done in the future,” said Keith Crandell, ARCH managing partner.

Bubblemesh is used by over 50 companies worldwide, including Honda R&D, IBM, and NASA, the company said.

Ciespace said the technology has broad application beyond its traditional customer base, including computer animation, medical imaging and metrology.

The company, founded by Kenji Shimada, a mechanical engineering professor at Carnegie Mellon University, also recently named former ARCH consultant Kevin Kerns its CEO.

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