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September 21, 2021

What’s the future of remote workflows?

Claire Rutkowski of Bentley Systems joins Geo Week News for a discussion of the future of remote work in AEC.

At the EFCG Technology Leadership Conference in June, presenters explored industry trends impacting technology leaders and the business and financial implications of those trends. A variety of panels discussed the evolving issues facing technology leaders and their roles in the current and post-COVID world. 

During the conference, Claire Rutowski, Chief Information Officer at Bentley Systems lead an engaging panel presentation on "Post-COVID Ways of Working" featuring panelists from SWCA, Mott MacDonald and APTIM.

Rutowski lead the panel through a recap of their processes in getting their own companies set up for remote work - with an urgency and importance only a global pandemic can provide - as well as a discussions on the future repercussions of all the changes that have been put in place throughout the pandemic period. Opening the discussion, Rutowski acknowledged the inherent uncertainties ahead.

"There've been lots of discussions around many boardroom tables asking what the future is going to look like. While much of the world is coming out of the worst of the pandemic, we also have a very large portion of our global footprint, and we are still dealing very much with critical situations around Coronavirus. So it's kind of a mixed bag in terms of trying to figure out what do we open? What do we not open? Do we make people come into the office? Should they?"

Geo Week News caught up with Claire to discuss the panel and her own take on how Bentley Systems sees the future of remote work, both within their own company and across the AEC industry. 

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