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March 21, 2017

VR Training for the Construction Industry


Virtual reality is a fun technology, but it is also a productive one. Industrial Training International shows that with the help of its training software for construction companies, ITI VR.

Industrial Training International (ITI) provides technical and educational services for users of cranes, rigging and handling equipment. Today, the company uses physical training equipment in the training courses it provides to simulate various platforms found in the construction industry.

Last year, ITI announced the first virtual reality simulator, ITI VR, specifically designed for mobile and overhead crane users. ITI VR is designed to work with Oculus Rift, and offers the closest experience to a real-life scenario you can get by placing you in a 3D construction work environment.

Mobile and Overhead Crane Simulators

Both of these simulators come in two versions.


The desktop version comes with a powerful gaming-laptop, an Oculus Rift VR Headset, the controls for each simulation, and a pelican case where you can store and carry everything.

The second version comes with the same content as the desktop version, but adds a motion-base chair to the package. This provides you with a more immersive experience, but doesn’t have the portability the desktop version offers.

Learning and Management System

ITI also offers a training platform that tracks data and performance, and can be integrated into any company’s existing LMS or accessed through the ITI LMS. Custom scenario assignments can also be built per user group, and it allows the addition of live effects to existing scenarios like high winds or large swells at sea.


Aerial work platform simulator

Although a standalone product and developed by Serious Labs Inc (SLI), ITI also offers a VR aerial work platform simulator. It is a small stationary platform with a universal motion base, which offers an experience similar to the actual feeling of an elevated basket. It also features a modular physical controller, which allows for ease of servicing as well as customization to different models of equipment.

The simulator provides you the opportunity to experience situations you wouldn’t be able to easily reproduce in the real world, such as navigating tight corners, understanding the directional arrows, complex basket positioning and avoiding hazardous placement.

The AWP’s sim is small compared to other construction, mining, or aviation simulators, and this greatly reduces shipping and installation costs.

ITI VR and the future

ITI plans on improving the software and launching further updates to offer new tools to the users. Future updates might feature additional crane and equipment models, updates to existing scenarios, and new courses like rigging or signaling. These updates will come with no additional costs.

The ITI VR has a subscription-based model starting at a price point of $1,995 per month.

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