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January 14, 2016

Topcon Invests in Virtual Design Construction Firm



Topcon has acquired “a significant share of holdings” in Viasys VDC, a Finland-based virtual design construction firm.

Viasys VDC offers BIM tools to “optimize the construction process throughout the project’s lifecycle creating enhanced quality, higher efficiencies and reduced costs.” Their main offering is the Viasys VDC solution, which they market as a “full-blown service” comprised of process implementation, training, support, and software components.

VDC Explorer software, the main software component, provides multi-disciplinary model management, 5D collaboration, design analysis (including clash detection), 5D design simulation, and model sharing tools. The other software components are VDC Live, which provides a model publishing platform for the web, and VDC Modeler, which provides integration with other software platforms and parametric modeling.

“Viasys VDC solutions allow for the import of virtually any BIM or non-BIM design model, offering seamless interoperability with open design standards currently in the market — which provides the contractor or engineer with full control and visibility of the entire design throughout the entire project,” said Heikki Halttula, CEO and president, Viasys VDC Ltd. “With advanced simulation tools and communication functions, design-build issues can be detected before actual work starts, or at any time during the process.”

In an official statement, Topcon noted that they have various BIM offerings aimed at markets served by Viasys VDC.

“Now with our investment in Viasys VDC, we have partnered with the technology leader to allow us to offer an expanded platform for the future generation of advanced Topcon VDC solutions with seamless BIM interoperability for our partners and customers,” said Ewout Korpershoek, Topcon executive vice president for mergers and acquisitions.

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