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March 6, 2016

FARO Releases SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.0

Courtesy of FARO Technologies

FARO Technologies has released version 2.0 of its web-hosting service, SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.0. The company describes the service as a “comprehensive hosting solution for scanning data,” touting that it has “eliminated the need for installing, running and maintaining of internet servers on customers’ site.”

The service is intended to provide easy viewing of 3D as-built data over the internet. It does not require any special software or hardware and it can be used on mobile devices like tablets and smart phones–the only requirements are an internet connection and a web browser.

WebShare Cloud 2.0 is specifically designed for applications like BIM, construction information management, and asset management. SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.0 offers access to “as-is information of buildings, plants and construction sites,” allowing users “immediate access to this data at the office, on the job-site, or in transit.”

In an official statement, FARO touts the communication and collaboration benefits of this easy access: “All project partners have access to identical 3D as-built data. The use of incomplete or outdated drawings can be avoided and by having the right data at one’s fingertips, decisions can be made easier, faster and with more certainty. Whenever engineers, builders and non-CAD-experts need to collaborate, using life-like point cloud data as a means of communication has proven to be more intuitive and less prone to misinterpretations than abstract CAD models. SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.0 provides the clarity of true 3D viewing to understand and analyze complex on-site conditions. This enables customers to virtually immerse themselves into an existing environment and offers a more direct way of understanding on-site conditions.”

The company promises that SCENE Webshare Cloud 2.0 will “ultimately help reduce expensive rework and project delays due to outdated data throughout the whole building life-cycle.”

Webshare Cloud is integrated with FARO’s SCENE desktop software. Users will receive all updates to Webshare Cloud automatically.

A base package is quoted on FARO’s website as costing €790 per year for unlimited users and 50 GB of storage.

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