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December 24, 2015

10 Most Popular News Stories of 2015

Velodyne Puck

1. Velodyne Announces $7,999 “Puck” LiDAR Sensor

“Last week Velodyne announced their VLP-16 (also known as the LiDAR “Puck”), a 16-channel real-time LiDAR sensor costing only $7,999 and weighing in at a scant 600 grams. This makes it, as the press release states, “substantially smaller and significantly less expensive than previous generation sensors.”

Google logo

2. What is the New Google/Esri Relationship?

“Over the past couple of days, news from Esri and Google has been trickling out, indicating that Esri has “prepared a special offer for Google Earth Enterprise and Google Maps Engine customers and partners looking to transition to Esri software.” Where did this come from? What does it mean?


3. FARO’s New Freestyle3D Handheld Scanner

“The scanner, which at 2 pounds is lightweight enough to be held in one hand, comes with a Microsoft Surface tablet. It scans up to a distance of three meters, captures 88k points per second, and touts accuracy greater than 1.5mm.”


4. Pegasus:Backpack, Leica’s Wearable Scanner

Leica calls the Pegasus:Backpack “a unique wearable reality capturing sensor platform combining cameras and LiDAR profilers with the lightness of a carbon fiber chassis and a highly ergonomic design. […] The Pegasus:Backpack is designed for rapid and regular reality capture.” 

Leica Scanner

5. New Leica Scanstation, Point Cloud Software (Press Release)

“Leica Geosystems announces a group of six major new products for terrestrial laser scanning: three new laser scanners and three new point cloud software products.”

6. Bentley Systems Files for IPO 

7. ILMF Highlight: Harris’ Commercial Geiger-Mode LiDAR Service

8. Bentley Makes Big Photogrammetry Buy

9. A New Player in the Point-Cloud Processing Arena 

10. US Department of Defense Makes a Better LiDAR

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