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February 4, 2015

Sokkia Introduces GCX2 Receiver

Sokkia gcx2 receiver

OLATHE Kan., USA / CAPELLE A/D IJSSEL, The Netherlands, February 3, 2015 Sokkia introduces the latest GNSS integrated receiver designed for lightweight and convenient field operation — the GCX2.  “Nicknamed ‘the bullet’, the GCX2 exemplifies a completely reimagined approach to receiver design that offers an ultra-lightweight and ergonomic solution at a low cost,” said Eduardo Falcon, executive vice president and general manager of the GeoPositioning Solutions Group.

The multi-constellation and dual frequency receiver is designed to offer affordable high-quality results for traditional applications in the surveying and construction fields — as well as unconventional utilizations such as in landscape architecture, GIS, BIM and forensic mapping.  The receiver connects via Bluetooth® to the Sokkia S-10 or GHX2 field controller enabling ease-of-operation within the MAGNET® suite of software. The GXC2 utilizes 226 channels; each one optimized to constantly track any currently available satellite signals.

“This is the smallest and lightest integrated receiver Sokkia has ever offered,” said Falcon. “The innovative POST™ (Precision Orbital Satellite Technology) antenna element allows for a form that is both ergonomic and extremely lightweight, which fully differentiates it from existing receivers in the market. The unique ‘bullet’ shape appears as a small extension of the range pole — almost as if it’s not even there.”

The receiver features radio-free RTK operation via interference-free data communication technology, which eliminates licensing issues. When used as a base station, it may support up to three concurrent GCX2 rovers at a range of up to 300 meters. Each receiver may be used as a base or as a rover.

For network operation, the GCX2 may be paired with a cellular-enabled data-controller to provide RTK network corrections and connectivity with MAGNET Enterprise.

“The GCX2 delivers a high level of performance and efficient workflow, and it’s offered with a substantial pricing advantage over competitive systems,” said Falcon. 

Additional features include a rechargeable battery and Sokkia receiver utility (SRU) software compatibility.  

Sokkia Corporation provides highly precise and reliable instruments and offers complete solutions in the areas of surveying, construction, industrial and monitoring applications. Sokkia’s product line features advanced optical survey instruments, advanced GNSS receivers, powerful field and office software, rugged data collectors, supplies and accessories

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