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December 1, 2015

Neptec Technologies announces the OPAL-ECR 3D LiDAR for low-reflectivity environments

OTTAWA, Ontario – November 25, 2015 – Neptec Technologies Corp. is pleased to announce the OPAL-ECR (Enhanced Close Range), a new addition to its OPAL™ 2.0 family of rugged, obscurant-penetrating 3D LiDAR scanners. The OPAL-ECR is specifically designed for real-time applications in low-reflectivity target environments (like coal or iron ore), for distances up to 240 meters, and is offered at a highly competitive price/performance ratio.  It is well suited for use in automation and collision avoidance applications on stacker/reclaimers, shiploaders, excavators, haul trucks and other heavy machinery, and for applications where reliable and predictable detection of targets, even with low reflectivity, is essential.

As with all OPAL™ 2.0 scanners, the OPAL-ECR is designed for harsh environments, achieves an operating temperature range of -40° to +65° C without fans or heaters for greater reliability, and is  available in an all-weather IP67-rated enclosure. The OPAL-ECR is offered in a 90° or 120° conical field-of-view and integrates seamlessly with Neptec Technologies’ 3DRi™ (3D Real-time intelligence) Software Development Kit and 3DRi™ applications.

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