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October 21, 2015

AVEVA's Touch Screen Asset Management App

AVEVA Engage Screenshot


Today at the AVEVA World Summit, AVEVA announced its new software solution Engage, which it is calling a “collaborative decision-support solution for capital projects and operating assets.”

Engage is a Windows 8.1 app designed for large format touch screens–including TVs–that offers a high-definition full-model view of the digital asset. AVEVA explains that the app allows you to simply touch the model to view contextual schematics, equipment drawings, single-line diagrams, instrument loops, layout plans and “whatever you need for rapid, effective and reliable decision making.”

The software was designed to support a wide range of activities that require immediate access to the digital asset and all of its contextually filtered information.

As Robert Samudio, Global Design/Drafting Manager with Shell New Orleans said in a prepared statement, “We can use AVEVA Engage for collaboration, decision-making and safety. It will help us to deliver multi-billion dollar projects, setting industry benchmarks for quality, cost and speed. More importantly, it will change the way we work, our processes, our tools, our collaboration and the promise on how we deliver our projects.”

According to AVEVA, the software allows for greater collaboration by enabling users to review the context for a decision together. “For example, the capability to simply section and ‘see inside’ the internals of the model without losing context of information stored against the element is a totally new and unique experience.”

The software was announced at last year’s AVEVA World Summit under the codename “Voyager” and has been in early access for six months. Engage has been tested by ten companies in the oil & gas, power, and mining sectors.

SPAR will report with more information as soon as it becomes available.

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