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October 7, 2015

ReCap 360 Updates for UAV Users, Offers a Deal


At their booth at the 2015 Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, Autodesk is showcasing new ReCap 360 features meant “to meet the growing demand from the UAV industry to turn aerial photos into meaningful 2D and 3D data” by offering an easy solution for processing UAV photos.

SPAR spoke to ReCap product manager Dominique Pouliquen for more information.

“The data that we produce with ReCap 360 with these new UAV features,” he explained, “are the ones that are needed to extract the information for programs like AutoCAD. So we produce orthographic views, digital elevation models, and point clouds.”

Notable new ReCap 360 features include the ability to use ground-control points in the stitching process, to produce vertical images from a fixed-wing aircraft, and to generate GeoTIFF files for ortho views and depth maps. As Pouliquen noted, these ortho views and depth maps can then be used in any GIS software.

Poliquen told SPAR that Autodesk is offering a special deal for new ReCap 360 customers to bring them into the Autodesk ecosystem, and introduce them to the value of the subscription-based software model. As of right now, Autodesk is scanning attendee badges with details on the offer to follow. SPAR will release the details as soon as they’re available.

Once new users are in the Autodesk ecosystem, Pouliquen believes they will recognize the value of Autodesk’s other software and the analytics they offer. 

“Processing data is becoming a commonality,” he said, noting that every state-of-the-art photo processing software is going to produce the same sort of data. He stressed that the most important question in the value propoisition is, “what can you extract from this ortho view, or this point cloud? This is why people are really interested in what we do in AutoCAD or Revit.”

These new UAV features will be made available to existing ReCap 360 subscribers automatically.

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