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September 15, 2015

FARO’s New Freestyle3D X Handheld Scanner, PointSense Plant Updates

FARO Freestyle 3DX

FARO has made the most of Intergeo 2015 by announcing a more accurate version of their Freestyle3D handheld scanner and a group of updated software offerings. Details below.

Freestyle3D X
Following the release of their popular Freestyle3D handheld scanner, FARO is releasing a version specifically designed for projects that require very high accuracy.

When scanning at a distance of 0.5m to 3m, the Freestyle3D X is accurate to less than 1mm. It has an IP rating of IP52, meaning you can use it in harsh environments with dust and water protection. The scanner also includes an “auto-mode” automatic flash, which measures existing light conditions and turns on an LED light when necessary.

It retains its little brother’s ability to measure and scan in hard-to-reach areas, or to scan in areas that have little visibility and may have been missed by terrestrial scanners. As FARO explains, “it is suitable for demanding projects that require rapid data collection from various perspectives.”

New PointSense, Revit, and more
FARO also took the opportunity to announce versions 16.5 of their laser-scanning software PointSense and VirtuSurv, as well as new AutoCAD plug-ins.

PointSense Plant, FARO’s AutoCAD solution for industrial plant documentation, saw the largest number of updates, including:

  • Added export for bringing detected structural members directly into Autodesk Advance Steel
  • New “mass extraction techniques” that reduce the time necessary to fit and align gridded steel sections
  • A “fully revised” tie-in point routine to guide users performing flange extraction
  • Functionality for swapping valves and other inline fittings within existing pipe runs

Revit has also received some significant upgrades, including:

  • New surface tools for visualizing deformations
  • Tools for fitting polygons/finding plane edges/rims
  • Functionality for saving directly to Revit 2D and 3D families

FARO has also included updates for PointSense Heritage, PointSense Building, PhoToPlan, and TachyCAD. Version 16.5 for each software is available now, with more information available on FARO’s website.

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