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June 24, 2015

Leica Announces HDS Virtual Classroom

Leica announced their HDS Virtual Classroom, an online education program designed to provide easily accessible training for professionals to hone their laser-scanning skills.

Each class is to be live, and taught by an expert in the field. Over two to three hours these experts will explore a common challenge for working laser-scanning professionals, and offer best-practices for overcoming that challenge.

In a statement, Leica explained that the courses are intended for professionals who have difficulty fitting on-site training into their schedules. The courses will also be “customized to focus on the tools and applications used by the students. Class sizes are limited to maximize practical, hands-on learning using real-world datasets.”

The initial round of classes stretches from July until December and seems to accommodate both beginners and more advanced users. Topics include basic Cyclone features and operation, cloud to cloud based registration, data clean up, and CloudWorx for Revit.

As Michael Harvey, HDS Product Applications manager explained in a statement, “the full curriculum offered through the HDS Virtual Classroom covers all the basics as well as key details that can make or break a professional’s success on laser scanning projects.”

For more details, see Leica’s HDS Virtual Classroom website.

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