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June 2, 2015

Leica Geosystems Introduces Water Quality Monitoring Solution

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Leica Geosystems announced today that it has developed a new water quality monitoring solution based on the expanded capability of its industry leading monitoring software, Leica GeoMoS. The solution uses third party smart sensors integrated with Leica GeoMos software to continuously collect data and transmit it to a user-configurable online dashboard for automated real-time display and analysis, allowing users to maximize control while minimizing site visits. The solution is being demonstrated at the HxGN LIVE conference this week in Las Vegas.

Leica GeoMoS software is user-configurable and fully automated, allowing for complex sensor control, data collection, computation and event management. The software reads the standard data output format used by most water quality sensors, which makes it highly adaptable to water quality monitoring applications.

The water quality monitoring solution can be deployed across critical points in a natural or man-made water system to continuously measure and transmit key parameters of water quality, including pressure, pollutants, temperature and conductivity. The solution is capable of identifying in real time the introduction of contaminants in water networks.

According to David Rutledge, U.S. director of structural monitoring for Leica Geosystems’ Monitoring Solutions business, Leica Geosystems added water quality monitoring to its portfolio of solutions in response to growing industry demand. Sophisticated water quality monitoring is becoming increasingly important in industries such as oil and gas, agriculture, and mining.

“There is a growing awareness in North America of the importance of safeguarding our precious water supply. Our GeoMoS family of software is ideally suited to collect and display real-time water quality information,” said Rutledge.

“Leica Geosystems’ software provides outstanding flexibility and performance, making it a perfect fit for the high reliability demanded on water quality projects. We’re very excited to be able to bring this powerful new technology to the marketplace.”

To learn more, email Rutledge at [email protected]. For more information about precision monitoring and surveying solutions, visit

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