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January 14, 2015

Mantis Vision's New Partnership Hints at Potential Smartphone Products in 2015

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At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show the company Omnivision, which develops customized image sensors for various markets, announced a partnership with Mantis Vision. According to Omnivision, its OV7251 sensor has been selected by Mantis Vision as one of the sensors “intended for its next-generation 3D camera reference design, as part of its MV4D technology platform for mobile devices.”

The company’s website describes the OV7251 as a small form factor, low-power sensor ideal for “narrow-bezel applications such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and Ultrabooks.”

There are other reasons the sensor would be perfect for a smartphone. It features a shutter that reduces unwanted image artifacts, excellent low-light sensitivity, and motion-tracking information. According to Omnivision, this allows it to be used for various applications including depth sensing with accurate and detailed device orientation data.

Tehzeeb Gunja, senior partnership and business development manage at Omnivision, said “With its MV4D technology platform, Mantis Vision takes 3D imaging mainstream introducing their technology to compact, high performance mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.”

Mantis Vision CTO Gur Arie Bittan is optimistic about the next generation of the company’s products incorporating Omnivision’s products. In a statement, he said, “by developing our 3D mobile camera using OmniVision’s OV7251 sensor,” he said, “Mantis Vision’s MV4D technology platform has taken a leap forward in meeting the demands of our partners with daylight operability, sub-mm data accuracies, and slim form-factor compatibility.”

Though SPAR was unable to attain further details on any Mantis Vision products developed using Omnivision’s sensors, Bittan’s statement included a rough timeline. “With OmniVision’s support,” he said, “we expect the new camera reference design to be available for mobile OEM’s in mid-2015.”

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