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January 14, 2015

Bentley Acquires C3global To Extend Assetwise


Software provides predictive analytics for industrial assets

EXTON, Pa. — Bentley Systems announced this week that it has acquired C3global, a provider of predictive analytics solutions to industrial owner-operators. C3global’s current clients include water utility, oil and gas, and power transmission infrastructure owner-operators, and their user organizations include BP, Chevron, Emerson, and South Australian Water, according to a release. C3global’s main product is its Amulet software, which the company describes as designed to “integrate with data generated by external applications or as a standalone” and apply business rules and models “to provide you with an improved view of operational performance and decision support.”

The key feature of the software are its ability to take data from any source, perform complex analysis, and then provide predictive analytics to spot trends as well as forecast and predict events for industrial assets.

The terms of the deal were not released. According to Bentley, Amulet is intended to extend the AssetWise asset management software to include what they call “asset performance modeling” capability.

Paula Hollywood, senior analyst with the ARC Advisory Group explained in a statement that advanced analytics, like those offered by Amulet, help to unite “operational technology and information technology, facilitating more effective decision making. Our research shows that the use of advanced analytics can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and drive higher performance.”

Bentley Systems CEO Greg Bentley added in a release that the acquisition will help Bentley to continue advancing BIM. “Our acquisition of Amulet enables another cumulative BIM advancement – beyond leveraging design modeling, construction modeling, and reality modeling – for enhancing infrastructure asset performance. “

“By configuring Amulet’s proven, industrial-strength operational analytics with our market-leading engineering analysis portfolio,” he said, “optioneering can be extended through asset performance modeling for just-in-time operational decisions, which can now predictively consider, beyond engineering, the relevant environmental and economic context.”

In a statement, C3 Global CEO David Smith said a Bentley acquisition was an attractive prospect for his company. “Given the unprecedented convergence of big data from the ‘Internet of Things,’ hybrid computing, and BIM’s advancement of functional engineering models – joining with Bentley to introduce asset performance modeling for industrial-scale infrastructure was absolutely compelling. Moreover, Bentley’s comprehensive portfolio of software for sustaining infrastructure will offer new and exciting opportunities to more broadly apply AssetWise Amulet’s operational analytics capabilities.”

C3global was advised by Technology Holdings, according to the release.

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