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March 30, 2015

SmartGeoMetrics Launches Two New Firms from In-House Divisions


March 30, 2015 – Houston TX – SmartGeoMetrics launches two new firms from in-house divisions. SmartGeoMetrics was founded in 2008 to bring 3D scanning technology to multimedia clients. Since then, we have grown to fill the needs of our clients, stepping in to provide training, modeling services, field personnel, and consulting services while continuing our role as a Value Added Reseller for industry leading hardware & software manufacturers. The organic nature of this growth led us to a position in the industry that was both unique and somewhat problematic. By offering so many different products and services we found ourselves trying to serve competing interests and underutilizing some of our greatest assets. In essence, we have been operating three divisions; a Value Added Reseller (VAR), a Field Services Support team, and a Research & Development group.

As a VAR, SmartGeoMetrics has seen the need to expand our capabilities to assist our clients time and time again. Today we are pleased to announce our latest expansion which is, in fact, larger than SmartGeoMetrics alone. While SmartGeoMetrics will continue as a VAR, we are launching two new firms from our Field Services Support team and our R&D Group with the help of some new partners. These new companies are SGM-Neopoint and ENIOS.

SmartGeoMetrics will go back to its roots as a Value Added Reseller of 3D imaging hardware, software, and peripherals. As one of the only dealers carrying scanning systems from multiple manufacturers and covering the spectrum from sub-millimeter scanning to mobile platforms, SmartGeoMetrics is a one stop shop for all of your scanning needs. From training in software to field methodology, SmartGeoMetrics helps clients fully utilize their systems and keep up to date in our fast paced industry. 3D imaging hardware lines include: Creaform, Leica Geosystems, Mantis Vision, p3dSystems, Viametris, and Z+F. Software suites include: ClearEdge3D, Geomagic, Kubit, Leica Cyclone, LFM, and Z+F Laser Control.

For more information on SmartGeoMetrics contact Barbara Misto ([email protected])

SGM-Neopoint is the combination of the field services group from SmartGeoMetrics, the field services division of Edoxx Solutions and the Finnish laser scanning services firm Neopoint. This merger launches SGMNeopoint as a worldwide provider of scanning services with offices in Houston, Nashville, Washington D.C., Bogota (Columbia), Port of Spain (Trinidad), Lagos (Nigeria), and Vantaa (Finland). The combined skills and experiences brought together by this merger represent a synthesis of cutting edge applications with time tested field practices from executed field work in petrochemical, architectural, manufacturing, and civil engineering environments.

For more information on SGM/Neopoint contact Derick Vargas ([email protected])

ENIOS is a new applied technologies consulting group specializing in solutions that utilize 3D data. ENI/OS is bringing field proven skills to enterprise level clients with scalable solutions to fully leverage a client’s investment in 3D imaging. With technologies that cover the entire lifecycle of a facility, solutions range from data management systems for asset owner/operators to point cloud processing tools for service providers.

For more information on ENI/OS contact Sam Billingsley ([email protected])

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