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March 31, 2015

DotProduct Releases Phi.3D 2.0 Software, New DPI-8 Kit


DotProduct, in addition to announcing their reseller agreement with Trimble at SPAR, is debuting their Phi.3D 2.0 software and the DPI-8 kit. The company calls this announcement a “landmark update to the core software product and powerful upgrade to the tablet-based 3D capture kit.”

The most notable update to the software is a number of additions to the user interface and touchscreen navigation system that the company says makes the product more intuitive for use. These updates are demonstrated in a video provided by DotProduct.

Next, Phi.3D 2.0 has been updated in response to customer input. The new software version allows for users to set coordinates directly on the tablet and take measurements in the field, as well as automatically integrate with AprilTags. DotProduct also laid these updates out in a video.

“Perhaps the most exciting new feature,” DotProduct explained in a statement, “is the Append tab. While users have always been able to append new data into an existing file, they were still limited by single scene size. With Phi.3D 2.0, users can now append new files into the same coordinate system.”

This feature allows for in-field registration using the tablet, the capture of larger scenes, and a simpler post-processing workflow.

The DPI-8 builds on the technology used in previous models, upgrading the tablet to the NVIDIA SHIELD, which has 2GB of RAM, and can capture scenes up to 3 times the size of the DPI-7.

DotProduct will be available at their booth to answer any questions.

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