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March 30, 2015

Basis Software Introduces Class 1 Longer Range Scanner to Replace Surphaser ER_100HSX

The Surphaser Model 105HSX is an expansion of the 100HSX product line that introduces several new features and a Safety Class 1 laser to the Surphaser line. The 105HSX has an improved maximum range of 130 m (426 ft.) while substantially lowering the range noise to half that of the ER_100HSX. In fact, the range noise of the 105HSX is achieving values of 0.05mm (0.002 in) or better at distances under 10 m (32 ft.).

Additionally, the 105HSX offers Surphaser’s first fully software integrated camera for automatic point cloud texture mapping of captured RGB data. This camera system allows for dynamic exposure adjustment while producing a 60 MP equivalent image to produce photorealistic point clouds.

With on-board computer accessible through WiFi , portable enough to be transported in a carry-on sized case and the option of AC or battery power the Surphaser 105HSX is ready for a wide range of applications.

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