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August 15, 2014

Acute3D Launches Two New Releases of its Smart3DCapture Solution at SIGGRAPH 2014


Sophia Antipolis, France — This last July 31, Acute3D announced Smart3DCapture Free, a free, fully functional, time-unlimited edition of its leading professional Smart3DCapture® solution.

Today, Acute3D releases its new Smart3DCapture Basic edition.

Famous for its high end software solutions for producing high resolution 3D models from simple photographs, Acute3D is launching an edition dedicated to professionals who 3D scan people, objects, indoor or outdoor scenes with their camera or smartphone.

Smart3DCapture is the solution of choice for computer graphics designers, video game designers, etc. looking for a professional solution already used and certified by 3D leaders (123D Catch and ReCap Photo from Autodesk embed the Smart3DCapture technology at their very heart) for an affordable price.

This new edition costs 199€ (excl. Value Added Tax) and allows to turn simple photographs into 3D models (with a 5 gigapixels input data limitation) that can be exported in a standard 3D format (.OBJ for example) or published on the internet (with the free Smart3DCapture Viewer, or via Sketchfab) or printed in 3D.

Smart3DCapture Free and Basic editions are currently being demonstrated at the SIGGRAPH Conference in Vancouver, Canada.

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About Smart3DCapture

Until now, Smart3DCapture was available in three commercial editions:

Smart3DCapture Advanced allows the production of high-resolution 3D models as well as the generation of digital surface models (DSM) and true orthophotos from imagery datasets as big as 10 gigapixels. It is most suited for, but not limited to, UAS/UAV/drone operators.

Smart3DCapture Expert pushes the limits of the Advanced edition with an extension to 30 gigapixels per input imagery dataset, and a batch processing ability through a job queue. It is the perfect solution for demanding scanning and surveying projects.

Smart3Capture Ultimate is dedicated to larger-scale 3D surveying and mapping. It can handle an unlimited number of photographs without any limitation in size, and allows computations to be parallelized on a cluster of 3D reconstruction engines.

Acute3D is happy to be now able to offer its technology to a wider audience.

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