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February 20, 2013

Virtual Geomatics releases new point cloud viewer

DENVER, Colo. – Virtual Geomatics announced here at ILMF its new PanoLiDAR Viewer, a stand-alone tool designed to visualize the lidar point cloud along with the 360-degree panoramic images collected by laser scanning systems. The overlay of point cloud and corresponding image is designed to allow for accurate measurements and asset extraction. With the point cloud embedded, the company reasons, features in the image can be picked instantly, which should lead to enhanced productivity.

The release is a companion to PanoLiDAR, which offers utilities to digitize line features, such as edge of pavements, road lines, fog lines, curb and gutter and point features such as signs, lamp posts, fire hydrants, trees, manholes and more.

When using the PanoLiDAR, the user can import lidar in a native ECEF format, and output directly to ESRI, Bentley and Autodesk products.

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