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May 21, 2013

Video previews 3D gesture controller as market waits for launch



Leap Motion’s 3D interaction technology is ‘future of touch-free computing’

Leap Motion, Inc. on Monday released a deep dive into its 3D gesture controller’s Windows OS interaction, previewing the “future of touch-free computing.”

The video expands on Leap Motion’s intro video by illustrating web browsing, OS interactions like pointing and clicking, and existing software application functionality for Windows 7 and 8. A deep dive into Mac OSX is coming soon, the company said.

Watch the video here.

“This is the foundation for our approach to existing systems,” said David Holz, co-founder and CTO. “But this is only the beginning. The potential for our 3D interaction technology is really unleashed by applications built specifically for Leap Motion, helping drive the future of computing.”

Users will have the ability to browse the web, navigate desktops, and interact with existing software right out of the box, the company said.

Leap Motion’s Airspace app store for the controller will offer a range of applications from art and music to science and games.

The company announced on Earth Day, April 22, that it was being supported by Google Earth, allowing users to fly around San Francisco, the Grand Canyon, New York City, and more.

The San Francisco-based company had planned to release the hardware for shipping on May 19 and make it available at retail on July 27.

But CEO Michael Buckwald announced in April the ship date would be delayed due to the need for more beta testing from its community of users.

Leap Motion said late last week it was previewing the 3D controller’s functionality before it heads into beta testing in early June.

Both the company and big box retail Best Buy are now taking pre-orders with a ship date of July 22.

“Everything you can do with a touch-based system, like Windows 8, can now be accomplished with Leap Motion technology. We want our users to have a magical experience, with easy and natural movements in the air leading to amazing interactions,” Holz said.

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