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January 2, 2018

Vayyar and SoftBank Corp. bring together 3D sensing, IoT, AI

A Vayyar publicity photo from 2015.

In a press release that names nearly every hot technology but blockchain, Vayyar Imaging and SoftBank have announced a collaboration to develop innovative IoT technology.

Vayyar’s part of the collaboration will be to supply 3D sensing know-how by drawing on its experience in radio wave 3D imaging, which is notable for its ability to “see” through various materials to capture obscured objects. For instance, the sensor can be used to scan a run of pipe that has been obscured by a wall.

Japanese company SoftBank Corp., which has its hands in a broad range of technologies like smart robotics, FinTech, and cloud security, will offer expertise in internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Together, the two companies will develop applications that use 3D radio wave sensing, IoT, and AI in public transport, construction, and elderly care. They have named specific applications that include analyzing people flow for use in transportation optimization, monitoring structural integrity in real time during and after construction, providing safety solutions for public areas, and collecting and analyzing big data.

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