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May 7, 2013

UAS photogrammetric software upgrade 90% faster


Orbit GT’s Strabo mapping app claims better precision, accuracy in UAS data post-processing

Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies upgraded its Orbit Strabo photogrammetric unmanned aerial survey (UAS) mapping application, which is now 90 percent faster than the previous version producing orthorectified images from digital elevation models (DEM) created by captured data.

Based in Lokeren, Belgium, Orbit GT is a software maker for exploiting mobile, UAS and aerial mapping data in managing, viewing, extraction, publishing and embedding in workflows. said the updated software version also includes several 3D visualization techniques to integrate 3D data with mobile, laser scanned point clouds in a user’s GIS (geographic information system).

The upgrade’s other new features include: new softcopy tools, better integration of stereo imagery in GIS and better precision and accuracy in UAS data post-processing.

A Strabo Full License includes the Strabo Project Manager, which compiles the technical data and source imagery and prepares all settings. Images are pre-processed for optimal performance and rotated stereo views.

The license also includes: aerial and terrestrial stereo data importer; automated Bundle Block Adjustment to process raw data to fully oriented stereo pairs – UAS post-flight software supports all standard aerial and terrestrial data; GIS integrated stereo viewing and softcopy tools for dynamic, seamless access to all stereo pairs, combined with any other GIS layer required for viewing and interpreting; automated DEM maker to create DEM’s including breaklines resulting in high precision TIN model for volume calculation and 3D rendering; automated OrthoMaker tool to orthorecitfy each image according to a given DEM – standard fencing and merging tools of Orbit GIS allow mosaicing.

Download the trial, or update installation using Orbit website and online documentation. Registered MSC users can upgrade for free.

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