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June 21, 2016

TruView Global 2.0 Released, Now Supports Multiple User Groups


In the week leading up to their HxGN Live conference in Anaheim, CA, Leica Geosystems announced the second full version of their TruView Global software. The software now supports “multiple communities of users from a single installation.”

The TruView Global solution is designed to make point clouds, 3D models and panoramic imagery available to the “widest possible audience of personnel who would benefit from that information by maybe don’t have an in-depth CAD or 3D point cloud background or access to expensive software.”

That is, it does not require users to install additional software or plugins to view important project information. TruView will work from any device with a web connection, including tablets and smartphones.

Multiple User Communities

TruView Global 2.0 adds support and data security for multiple user communities.

This means that you can use one single TruView server to provide data to employees, partners, and even customers, while keeping your data secure. TruView Global 2.0 ensures that project stakeholders can access their own information and that this information will remain protected from other users.

“The new multi-portal capability of TruView Global allows us to continue to work with multiple high-profile firms all over the country, keeping project data at their fingertips, while keeping each firms’ data secure and isolated with one simple installation on our end,” said Paul Olszewski, owner of PJO Surveying in an official statement. “The high-accessibility of TruView Global data allows our clients to minimize their field trips while offering better designs by being better informed about the project. It’s always one click away. And our clients are now extending the benefits to their subcontractors, providing information on hard-to-reach sites to potential bidders, driving more accurate bids and better project cost management for them, and new avenues of growth and profit for us.”

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