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June 3, 2011

Trimble’s RealWorks first standalone commercial software to support the E57 E2807 data exchange standard


SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Trimble introduced this week Trimble RealWorks version 7.0, which the company says in a press release is, “the first commercially available software suite that incorporates the newly approved [in April] ASTM International E57 E2807 data exchange standard for 3D imaging systems. Trimble RealWorks version 7.0 allows 3D laser scanning professionals to use their design software of choice, depending on their applications and workflow.”

The E57 file format was developed by ASTM, documented in the standard E2807, and is intended to be a vendor-neutral standard for storing and transferring point clouds and other information created by 3d laser scanners.

There is currently something called libE57 software, which is an open source implementation of the standard in the C++ language.

Also, purchase of a Z+F scanner now comes with LaserControl software (v8.1), according to business development manager for North America Matthew Craig, which outputs to the ASTM E57 file format (it is new enough that this is not yet reflected in the company’s data sheet for LaserControl on its web site). The company intends for its standalone LFM software suite to soon read and export out in E57, but it is not yet commercially available.

What makes Trimble RealWorks unique is that it is a stand-alone solution for the interpretation and 3D rendering of scan point cloud data. Purchase of a scanner is not required.

“The ASTM Committee E57 E2807 standard is a major enhancement for 3D scanning customers across a variety of applications,” said David Fitzpatrick, general manager of Trimble’s Power, Process and Plant Division, in a statement. “It gives the users a standard way to utilize 3D scanning data in their office software of choice. Support of the new standard demonstrates Trimble’s continued commitment to enhance the productivity of our customers by supporting their common workflows and represents the next step in Trimble’s long line of innovation for the 3D scanning industry.”

According to a company press release, Trimble was the first manufacturer to introduce standard surveying workflows in 3D scanning instruments and the first to make a hybrid scanner/total station commercially available with the Trimble VX spatial station.

Trimble RealWorks version 7.0 is available now from Trimble’s worldwide distribution network and direct sales teams.

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