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September 9, 2011

Trimble releases Inpho 5.4

Software features new capabilities that offer ‘a cost-effective alternative to laser scanning’

 STUTTGART, Germany — As part of Photogrammetric Week, Trimble announced the release of its Inpho 5.4 software suite, which is “specifically engineered to meet the rigorous standards of digital photogrammetry and laser scanning data production.” With the release, the company claims, it has significantly improved Inpho’s performance, workflow integration and result quality.

The focus of the new release is an improvement in “the quality of point clouds created solely from aerial images using image matching, achieving a density of up to one point per pixel.” According to Trimble, the resulting dense, accurate and complete digital terrain models are suitable for true orthophoto production and automatic feature extraction, and offer “a cost-effective alternative to laser scanning.”

Inpho 5.4 also introduces parallel processing along with new filtering and tiling strategies for point clouds. As a result, the company says, orthophoto generation, image adjustment, global tilting, seam line detection and ortho-mosaicking significantly outperform earlier versions. In addition, the version includes new graphical analysis, point cloud viewing and interactive image enhancement tools designed to enrich data visualization and manipulation for large projects.

“Digital photogrammetry and elevation modeling are fundamentally important to our customers’ production workflows,” said Katherine Sandford, general manager of Trimble’s GeoSpatial Division, in a statement. “Inpho 5.4 not only offers Trimble customers faster and more cost-effective data processing, it also provides key capabilities that are integral to Trimble’s aerial solutions portfolio.”

The Inpho 5.4 software suite is available now through Trimble’s Inpho distribution channel and customers with a current maintenance contract can receive the upgrade at no additional cost.

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