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November 5, 2012

Trimble and Bentley announce strategic alliance for ‘intelligent positioning’


Deal pegged as leveraging ‘3D precision for construction and operations quality, efficiency, and safety’

LAS VEGAS – Trimble kicked off its Dimensions show here at the Mirage with an announcement of a strategic alliance with software maker Bentley Systems “to further the connection between the virtual and physical environments for infrastructure projects.”

Essentially, the deal aims to create a “seamless exchange of information between the virtual and physical … by utilizing a selection of Trimble’s field positioning technologies, such as robotic total stations, 3D laser scanners, and global navigation satellite system (GNSS) positioning solutions, and Bentley’s information modeling software – with work sharing and dynamic feedback being securely managed in ProjectWise.”

Trimble announced a similar deal with Aveva last month.

Trimble CEO Steve Berglund said in a statement that, “Our collaboration with Bentley will provide engineers and contractors with greater insight into construction problems and enhanced positioning solutions. It will also enhance the application of the constructible model to bringing engineering and construction data to the field and back.”

Bentley Systems CEO Greg Bentley said in the same release that, “we together realized there’s a combination of our offerings that can uniquely provide benefits to construction processes that neither could independently. In particular, through the intrinsic ‘geo-coordination’ in Bentley’s applications and ProjectWise geospatial services, almost every project’s information modeling content is virtually positioned with engineering precision in the ‘project space.’”

Both companies have made significant investments in the 3D data capture space in their recent history. Trimble, for example, just announced a new OEM-ed scanner, the Trimble TX5. Bentley, last year at this time, purchased the point cloud engine Pointools and has over the past year integrated the technology into its core offerings.

SPAR is on site at the Dimensions conference and will continue to report on this story.

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