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June 18, 2018

Toposens releases an innovative 3D ultrasound sensor


Toposens’ newest creation, the TS Alpha, works analagously to the echolocation of a bat to detect objects and people in 3D in real time through ultrasound. While ultrasound has only been used for one-dimensional applications in the past, Toposens’ TS Alpha opens up the possibility to use the technology in the automotive, robotics, industrial and people analytics sectors.

By combining standard hardware components put together in a special layout with proprietary algorithms, machine vision and AI-software, the system is capable of generating a 3D point cloud of its near-field environment, and tracking the position of any static or dynamic object. For example, in the automotive industry, the sensor provides a detailed view of the car’s near-field surroundings, enabling autonomous or valet parking. Furthermore, the TS Alpha can monitor the interior of a car, to detect and count passengers and their position for safety and entertainment purposes.

The TS Alpha is 60 x 30 x 12 mm, 20 g, and features an opening angle of up to 180° (omnidirectional) in close range, and reading distances of up to 4 m distance. It also captures objects with an average frame rate of 30 Hz, and boasts an accuracy of up to < 1 cm. Specific functions of the sensor, like the counting of objects, will be developed by the customer himself or in cooperation with Toposens.

Although Toposens recognizes 3D cameras and 3D laser systems as its main competition, the company is also confident they are no match to the TS Alpha’s low cost and low size.

The 3D ultrasound sensor will be provided as a development kit as well as a customizable commercial product. Besides the TS ALPHA sensor, the $5,800 Fast Lane Development Kit contains the necessary software to get started, support and a sophisticated camera-based debugging kit, which will help developers get the sensor up and running quickly. Additionally, Toposens will produce videos and tutorials to help application builders get started quickly. The development kit is directly distributed by Toposens, information about the commercial sensor is provided upon request.

Both the sensor and the kit are available now.If you want to acquire the sensor in high volumes for integration into commercial products, you’ll need to get in touch with Toposens.

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