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October 5, 2009

Topcon Releases ScanMaster v1.5

Topcon Releases ScanMaster - Image 1

Last week, Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) released ScanMaster version 1.5. The software, designed to simplify laser scanner point collection and manipulation, is used with Topcon’s cable-free GLS-1000 scanner that can be operated by a single person. In the new version, operators can stream live video to set up the desired scan area while the scanner is tilted (using the GLS-1000 tilt stand) and obtain the 3D point cloud data needed.

ScanMaster version 1.5 features include:

  • Operator-friendly user interface;
  • WLAN connection to a local PC;
  • Live video scan window definition;
  • Increased resolution controls;
  • Multiple scan tasks defined at one time;
  • Image capture and live video feed;
  • Creation of mesh objects and annotations;
  • Optional occlusion culling feature for rendering partially or fully obstructed point clouds;
  • Frustum culling so point cloud sections that are not visible will no longer render;
  • Smart Resolution so each point cloud section will automatically render at computer-display resolution;
  • Contrast and gamma controls for optimizing data display quality; and
  • Added support for TopSURV software linework control codes.

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