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May 1, 2013

Topcon expands cloud capacity for software subscribers


MAGNET Enterprise users get increased productivity with more cloud storage

Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc. (TPS) on Wednesday announced expanded cloud storage capacity for all MAGNET Enterprise paid subscribers for greater productivity in real-time collaboration between project manager, field crews, office personnel, engineers, and consultants.

Livermore, Calif.-based Topcon is a subsidiary of Japan-based, $1 billion Topcon Corporation and the world’s largest manufacturer of precision GPS and GNSS systems, commercial lasers, and optical instruments for the global surveying, civil engineering, asset management, mapping, construction and agriculture industries.

MAGNET is a secure, data storage service and web-based interface that connects MAGNET Field software, which runs on field controllers and onboard total stations, and MAGNET Office – a stand-alone office software for processing and modeling.

Now, each MAGNET Enterprise company account, with subscriptions of at least one license of the team module, will come with a standard 5GB of cloud storage with additional space options available.

“With 10 times the data storage capacity, MAGNET Enterprise users can archive and share more projects in the cloud,” said Jason Hallett, director of product management – software applications. “More cloud storage means increased uses and productivity.”

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