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March 12, 2020

Topcon Defines What Intelligent Construction Products and Workflows Look Like at CONEXPO 2020


Making a product, process or workflow “intelligent” or “smart” has been a talking point in numerous industries for years now. Whether it’s smart point clouds, smart measurements or intelligent data collection, there’s clearly a push to incorporate intelligence of some sort to enable more efficient approaches to established tasks and processes. At CONEXPO 2020, Topcon Positioning Group highlighted the intelligent solutions they have and continue to roll out for the construction space.

New functionality and options in Topcon machine control were announced at the event, all of which are designed to provide contractors with better performance and profitability in earthmoving applications. These innovations are evident in solutions that enable both Intelligent Earthmoving and Intelligent Paving and the company detailed the differences that impact the bottom line when this kind of intelligence is factored into grading, excavation, hauling, and more.

Topcon doesn’t speak about these improvements in the abstract though. Their solution has recently been used for resurfacing work for the Singapore Grand Prix, which is helping make tracks smoother for faster and safer racing. Their SmoothRide system includes the scanning of an existing surface and then converting the data gathered into 3D model designs. These designs are then used to create machine-control files for the machine milling, paving and compaction phases of a project. CONEXPO attendees got a look at what kind of a difference that can mean to the actual cars that race on these roads.

Last year, Bentley Systems and Topcon announced the creation of Digital Construction Works (DCW), which was designed to address the challenges that users face when adopting end-to-end digital workflows. CONEXPO saw the company announce advancements and improvements for DCW with new services and solutions. Those services include several 4D construction workflow solutions, a DCW Integrations Platform and DCW Insights.

It’s easy to talk about “smart” and “intelligent” products and systems and there are countless tools that powerfully and appropriately use these terms. However, better understanding how they can be applied in real-world situations is the real challenge that many users face. That’s why the combination of new products, practical applications and adoption enabled via DCW that Topcon highlighted at CONEXPO was so captivating.

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