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May 15, 2023

Topcon Cooperates with PPP Correction Provider DDK Positioning

Closer cooperation between the companies will ensure optimal integration for the highest possible accuracy and performance in the most demanding applications.
Ship in water with logos for DDK Positioning and Topcon on either side of it.
Image via DDK Positioning

Topcon Positioning Systems announced it has made a strategic investment in DDK Positioning, an Aberdeen-based specialist in GNSS receivers and PPP correction services. DDK Positioning delivers services exclusively over the Iridium network to provide global precision positioning services that can augment GNSS constellations to significantly enhance their accuracy for critical industrial applications. 

Meeting the high-accuracy and position demands of marine applications

For several years, Topcon has been a supplier of core GNSS components to DDK Positioning to deliver their premium DDK MAX, a robust and reliable accuracy PPP correction service offering accuracies of less than 5 cm globally, compared to the standard GPS accuracy of ~10m. The uninterrupted delivery of the service, along with independent integrity of position, ensures a higher level of confidence in the accuracy of position.

This service is available via the Iridium satellite network, providing coverage globally from pole to pole. "With the expansion and growing success of this business, specifically in the Marine sector, closer cooperation will ensure optimal integration for the highest possible accuracies and performance in the most demanding applications,” says Ian Stilgoe, VP of Emerging Business at Topcon. 

Providing a better receiver reception in challenging areas

DDK positioning is unique in its delivery of correction services over the Iridium network; a low earth polar orbiting network provides better receiver reception in challenging areas than other geostationary satellite services can provide. In the offshore marine market, which is key for DDK Positioning, visibility to the available correction service satellite could be obscured by local vessel/rig obstructions. The Iridium network does not suffer this challenge due to its multi-constellation orbital nature. Topcon’s expertise in GNSS positioning supports DDK services utilizing GPS, Glonass and Galileo constellations.

There are many applications for which DDK’s positioning services are useful and the unique advantages are beneficial, from vessel precise navigation, offshore survey, engineering & construction, as well as dynamic positioning. Oceaneering has selected DDK Positioning to provide its CNAV positioning services to the offshore energy marketplace. 

Deeper access to hardware and technology

Prior to Topcon’s investment, DDK Positioning was an OEM customer utilizing Topcon’s GNSS boards and antennas to offer their receivers and positioning services to the market. With Topcon’s investment, DDK Positioning will have a deeper access to Topcon’s GNSS hardware and technology. This will enable them to accelerate their planned product and service developments and also concentrate their efforts on their core competencies. 

DDK Positioning provides its correction services exclusively over the Iridium network providing global services. Topcon’s extensive RTK network on land can complement DDK PPP services to provide nearshore seamless RTK integrated services to DDK marine customers who need access to both service types for specific applications.

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