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July 9, 2014

Time Scanners on PBS Uses Laser Scanners to Solve Ancient Mysteries

Great Pyramid - Atlantic Productions

Last week, we reported on National Geographic’s story about a team of cavers using 3D laser scanners to document caves in southeastern China. This week, we have another high-profile public showcase of 3DLS worth mentioning. “Time Scanners,” which airs on PBS in the USA, “pairs Leica scanners and software with a renowned structural engineer (Steve Burrows, WSP) to provide viewers with a virtual journey back in time that unlocks some of the world’s oldest engineering mysteries.”

The first episode follows Burrows and a team of laser-scanning professionals as they scan and examine the Egyptian pyramids. Their use of 3DLS technology allows them to “discover the real reason behind the Bent Pyramid’s unusual shape, learn what caused the disaster behind the Collapsed Pyramid, and finally use their state of the art data to pinpoint the Kings Burial Chamber in the Great Pyramid with intricate precision.” The second episode finds the team scanning St Paul’s Cathedral in London to answer long-standing questions about that famous landmark as well.

Both these episodes are available for viewing in full on PBS’ website. Tune in next Wednesday, July 15 at 8pm to catch an episode on the ancient city of Petra, Jordan, or view it afterward on the website. There are three episodes that were shown internationally, but PBS is only airing the first three here in the states. Watch the episodes, and we just might get a chance to see the rest.


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