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July 29, 2020

Thor3D releases new 'Mini' scanner for small objects, priced under $7000 USD

A 3D scan of a fork (by Calibry Mini)

Thor3D is a scanning hardware company that has focused on small to medium sized objects, including a line of handheld scanners for use in reverse engineering, museums, and even medical uses. The new Thor3D Calibry Mini – weighing in at less than 2 lbs – expands Thor3D’s product line aimed at users who need to digitize small objects.

The device is designed for objects between 2-30 centimeters in length and uses a blue LED to capture 1 million points per second. The accuracy is reported to be up to 0.07 mm, with an accuracy over distance of 0.1 mm over 1 meter, and point resolution is up to 0.15 mm.

With a four inch touchscreen, the progress of the scan can also be monitored in real time. The Calibry Mini comes with the Calibry Nest post processing software, and the price is $6,990 (€6,490) inclusive of the software and hardware.

Anna Zevelyov, CEO of Thor3D sais that the Mini makes their lineup of scanners more complete, and opens up users in a broader set of industries.

“By adding the Mini to the original Calibry in our product portfolio, we created a complete 3D-scanning toolbox. Doctors will now have all the tools they might need to digitize any part of the human body (from a finger to a full body scan). Museums will now be able to capture entire collections (from jewelry to full-sized vintage carriage).”

The Mini inherits the technical capabilities from the original Calibry 3D scanner, including the ability to handle black, shiny objects and those with sharp edges. It scans in high resolution, so even the smallest details like fingerprints are visible.

Pre-sales are now open, and the scanners will ship in September of 2020.

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