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November 2, 2022

The Trimble Ri is the First Truly Robotic Total Platform Ever

A first for a total station platform, Trimble’s latest robotic total station introduces self-calibration technology ensuring that measurements made in a single face are accurate.
Worker looking at Trimble Ri on Tripod
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Trimble Ri is Trimble’s latest robotic total station. The instrument's flexibility and upgradeability makes high-end total station technology more accessible and sets a new scalability standard for use across the construction industry. The most important feature of the Trimble Ri is self-calibration, which provides confidence for the user that the instrument is working within the specification without the need for a complex field procedure to check it or send it into a service center for a check and calibration. The Trimble Ri’s level detection means the instrument does not have to be leveled for setup, which enables even users without any survey experience to use the instrument without complex training.

The focusing EDM/laser pointer provides accurate pointing for layout of specific points. When used for data capture, the focusing EDM with laser pointer ensures accurate measurement on various surfaces. The Ri’s Advanced Trimble Vision enables the user to operate the instrument from any location on the jobsite without the need to ever stand near the instrument. Finally, the Trimble Ri is sold with a choice of subscription configurations that provide the user with the ability to upgrade depending on the requirements of the project they are working on. The above features were developed specifically for use by the listed contractors, as they need a tool that provides guaranteed accuracy, flexibility, and ease of use.

via Trimble

The self-calibration technology ensures that measurements made in a single face are accurate, a first for a total station platform. The focusing EDM ensures accurate measurements to a variety of difficult surfaces and situations, such as the inner corner of a building. The advanced Vision technology enables fast control and accurate aiming without the need to be standing at the instrument, making it truly robotic. The level detection provides the flexibility to set up over a known point or to be unlevel and set up anywhere.

Controlling and automating workflows with improved accuracy and visibility

Offered in multiple configurations to meet a diverse set of workflows, the Trimble Ri is ideal for MEP, concrete, steel and general contractors. Leveraging Trimble FieldLink software on a tablet or FieldLink MR on a Trimble XR10 for Mixed Reality, users can control and automate their workflow with improved accuracy and visibility. The FieldLink software was purpose-built with contractors in mind to provide specific workflows that are focused on building construction. An example is the ability to set up without leveling the instrument, take reference measurements to the base of a tilt-up wall or steel column, and provide verticality directions without the need of a traditional setup routine.

With Trimble VISION technology, integrated digital cameras, the instrument can be controlled from anywhere on the jobsite and allows for quick and accurate target detection and lock. In addition, the self-calibration feature performs automatic calibrations as required and reduces the need to send the total station in for service.

The new Trimble Ri sets a new standard for optical positioning solutions for the construction field worker. To date, no other supplier has introduced this type of robotic total station flexibility in the market. It is an exciting way for Trimble customers to purchase and utilize the solution, which can be more aligned with their project-based business needs.

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