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May 29, 2019

The TDC600 is a small and lightweight handheld GNSS receiver from Trimble


In a wide range of GIS applications, as the global mobile workforce grows, so does the need for powerful and reliable data collection methods to capture and compute large amounts of data in more places with greater accuracy. The TDC600, a newly introduced product of Trimble Data Collectors’ lineup, is a rugged, slim, lightweight and ergonomic pocket-size form factor Android smartphone with a built-in professional GNSS receiver.

While allowing to perform the standard tasks of a consumer smartphone, reducing the number of devices needed in the field, the TDC600 integrates with other Trimble’s hardware and software solutions. These include the Trimble R2 and R1, two separate external GNSS receivers for GIS and survey professionals; the Trimble Penmap and Terraflex, which are software solutions to collect attribute rich and accurate geo-located GIS and asset information; and Trimble’s software-based receiver, Catalyst, a small, lightweight antenna that plugs directly into an Android phone or tablet’s USB port to collect on-demand high-accuracy data. In addition to this, the TDC600 is also compatible with third-party apps such as Esri Collector for ArcGIS.

According to Rachel Blair-Winkler, business area manager for Trimble Mapping & GIS, the TDC600 is “the ideal tool” for GIS users across various industries, including environmental management, utilities and government agencies, to communicate between the field and office. This is also because the data collector device meets military (MIL-STD-810G) specifications, featuring a durable design to absorb drops and shocks, and work in harsh weather conditions, without the need for a protective case.

The TDC600 is now available, and Trimble provides a demo for anyone interested in testing it.

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