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September 2, 2009

Terrametrix Adds Mobile System to Service Offering

Terrametrix announced the arrival of its StreetMapper 360, which provides customers with rapid 3D mapping capabilities of highways, runways, railways, infrastructure and buildings using vehicle-mounted lasers. StreetMapper 360 captures data from a 360-degree field of view, at 600,000 points per seconds to a range of 300 meters and at normal road speeds. Benefits include speed, safety and efficiency while achieving survey-grade accuracy. The system is said to be capable of transitioning between highway vehicle, boat or hyrailer in an hour.

On a ½ mile Caltrans test area in California, the StreetMapper 360 system achieved positional accuracies of .022 feet. Caltrans created the test area collecting 1500+ control shots on the pavement surface. Terrametrix collected data in 45 minutes and delivered raw processed data to Caltrans and UC Davis for a mobile terrestrial LiDAR study. Initial reports reveal an RMS error report as follows:

Number of Control Points1567
Average dz-0.003
Minimum dz-0.052
Maximum dz+0.061
Average magnitude0.018
Root mean square0.022
Std deviation0.022

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