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September 15, 2015

Teledyne Optech Announces Lynx SG-S Mobile Surveying Solution

Teledyne Optech Lynx SG-S Example Data

As part of their showing at Intergeo 2015, Optech has announced a new addition to its line of Lynx mobile survey systems. The Lynx SG-S improves on previous options by offering absolute accuracy of up to 5cm from a single, light-weight, all-in-one package.

The system includes a LiDAR sensor, an INS, a “deeply integrated” Ladybug 5 camera, and Optech’s LMS Pro software. Combining all these elements into a single lightweight platform allows operators to move the system easily from vehicle to vehicle without performing bore sighting. Additionally, the system can be removed from the vehicle at night for safer storage.

Due to the system’s light weight, Optech indicates that it is good for installation on a wide range of platforms, including rail, road, and marine.

“There has been a convergence in the industry,” explained Albert Iavarone, Business Unit Manager at Teledyne Optech. “Data consumers demand and expect high quality, absolutely accurate data for the majority of projects, and 30-cm accuracy is no longer good enough. The SG-S provides access to a system that offers all of the components necessary to complete a mobile survey project at a fraction of the cost. We are excited to make it available.”

Teledyne Optech will begin shipping the Lynx SG-S system on September 20, 2015.

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