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September 18, 2013

Surveying the building documentation industry


U.S. Institute for Building Documentation (USIBD) seeks industry info to prepare 2nd Cornerstone Report

The U.S. Institute for Building Documentation (USIBD) is inviting industry professionals to take an online survey to help it create the second in a series of Cornerstone Reports.

The Cornerstone Report is a quarterly review of select aspects of the building documentation industry to help professionals identify where the industry is positioned and where it is heading.

USIBD released its first edition of the Cornerstone Report in July. The report found that more than three-quarters of respondents from the building documentation industry said their clients used 3D imaging in just 25 percent of their projects.

“That leaves a huge opportunity out there for us!” USIBD said in the report.

Formed in April 2012, the USIBD’s goal is to establish and promote building documentation as a “distinct industry” by developing industry standards for ethical business practices to be codified in a manual.

The plan is to use the manual in establishing a Certified Building Documentation Professional (CBDP) certification program by 2017 for service providers based on a core set of principles and best practices.

Other documents will be developed such as RFP Templates and Specifications for Owners to use for procuring building documentation services, along with a Bid Scoring Guide.

The next Cornerstone Report is scheduled for release in October and will focus on hardware products in the building documentation industry, including laser scanners.

Take the survey here by September 26. It’s anonymous and everyone who contributes may receive a copy of the associated report, whether you’re a USIBD member or not.

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