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April 12, 2016

Surphaser’s Model 10 is their Lightest LiDAR Yet

Surphaser's Model 10 LiDAR

Today at SPAR 3D Expo and Conference, Surphaser announced their new LiDAR scanner, the Surphaser Model 10. The sensor is being marketed for a number of different applications including dimensional accuracy, asset management, and BIM.

Model 10 shares the sub-millimeter accuracy of Surphaser’s other scanners, but introduces a few new developments.

First, the scanner is Surphaser’s smallest and lightest yet, weighing in only at 5kg (or about 11 pounds) including an onboard battery. During a product presentation on Monday, Surphaser referred to the scanner as similar to the company’s larger models in specs and looks, only shrunken down.

Where Surphaser offers cameras as an optional add-on for their other scanners, the Model 10 scanner includes two integrated 5MP cameras. The company has also included software for automatic color data mapping.

The LiDAR sensor captures a 360° x 270° field of view. It uses a class one laser with a 3D error of less than 0.7mm at 15 meters and noise of less 0.12mm.

Model 10 will be the first in a new line of small and light Surphaser scanners. The company did not release details regarding when the scanner will be available.

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