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March 15, 2018

StructionSite acquires Rithm to bring lidar QC into its 360° jobsite app


StructionSite is an app that manages 360° photos, standard photos, and videos to enabling users to explore a jobsite and discuss it with colleagues using any modern internet-connected device. The product also functions as a tool for sharing site conditions with contractors, and create value for facilities managers at handover by enabling an X-ray mode that can “see through” walls and slabs.

This kind of app often lacks support for 3D laser scans, but StructionSite is bucking that trend with the acquisition of Rithm.

Rithm’s products are plugin apps built for FARO’s SCENE software platform. They speed up the process of wet concrete scanning, floor contour maps, concrete monitoring, steel monitoring, beam deflection analysis and more.

With the new integration, Rithm users can send 3D scan data to the StructionSite platform in a 360° format. According to the companies, this will enable users to lay scans over the real world in X-ray mode, perform scan-to-model comparisons, and access the data easily StructionSite’s mobile and desktop apps. Bringing 3D scan data into StructionSite in a 360° view also offers users a new workflow for accessing this data in software like Bluebeam and Procore.

In an official release, StructionSite explains the acquisition as creating a “unified platform that manages all types of reality capture data […] Merging these data sets gives project teams a single application for documentation, communication, and delivery to the owner at the end of the project.”

The release continues that “the integration begins to streamline reality capture data for VDC and Integrated Construction Technology teams who find this data living in several different and disconnected ecosystems today.”

Matt Daly, CEO of StructionSite, says the move is a key part of the company’s longterm commitment to data interoperability. The goal, he says, is to “bring these different data sources into StructionSite, while also allowing data to travel from StructionSite back into that vendor’s own platform if they choose. We believe data should live in whatever ecosystem our customers want it to live in, not just our own.”

For more information, contact StructionSite through its webpage.

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