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August 23, 2011

SSI takes possession of Riegl VMX-250 mobile mapping system


Surveying Solutions, Inc. (SSI) is now a “Mobile Mapping User,” Riegl USA has announced, and will utilize the Riegl VMX-250 with the CS6 Camera System to collect detailed topography, asset management, and precision survey data at near highway speeds. The use of the system will allow for safe non-hazardous working conditions, according to a press release.

“SSI is extremely pleased to be able to offer Mobile Lidar (MoLi) to our clients giving them an ability to utilize this phenomenal technology. After a thorough investigation into the technology and mobile mapping systems, the Riegl VMX-250-CS6 proved to be the superior solution for SSI’s surveying and mapping applications, and since taking delivery in April, we have successfully completed nearly two dozen projects with the system. SSI is proud to be the newest members of the already extensive Riegl family, and we are looking forward to continuing to work with Riegl USA,” said Brian Bailey, geospatial services director, SSI, in a statement.

The VMX-250 mobile scanning system consists of two VQ-250 scanners on a mounted platform accompanied by a GPS-INS and up to 6 digital cameras or video equipment. Accommodating multiple cameras ensures a 360 degree field of view. Most standard station wagons or off-road vehicles can be optimized for easy installation and the scanners are powered directly from the cars battery. Data acquisition is operator controlled using a standard laptop.

At 600,000 measurements per second, the VMX-250 mobile scanning system allows surveyors to capture highly accurate and high resolution dynamic 3D data at highway speeds, according to Riegl. The ability to travel at high speeds significantly increases safety for all applications, including mapping of highways, railroads and waterways as well as extended urban area, construction sites and open pit mines. The speed also contributes to a significant reduction in project time. Traditionally mobile scanning of a 10-mile road was dangerous and took up to 10 weeks, according to Riegl, from data acquisition to post processing. The new VMX-250 is capable of completing a 10-mile project in a matter of hours.

The cutting edge echo digitization technology used in the VMX-250 mobile lidar scanning system penetrates foliage, fences and other obstacles, according to the release. The system’s online waveform technology allows for more than 10 measurements per laser shot. The combination of these technologies results in laser precision of 1 cm or better and accuracy 3 cm or better, the release stated.

The new high performance fully calibrated VMX-250-CS6 Camera System completes the Riegl VMX-250 Mobile Laser Scanning System by supporting six digital color cameras. The new system is extremely compact and user-friendly. As seen below, the VMX-250-CS6 is positioned on a lightweight aluminum frame for versatility and stability.

Riegl’s RiAcquire Software manages acquisition of precisely time stamped images by the VMX-250-CS6 in addition to the acquisition of the VMX-250 laser scanner data. In addition, the software controls the camera’s parameters and enables image monitoring during acquisition in real time.

The sealed camera housing can be used under demanding environmental conditions.


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