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August 12, 2016

SphereVision 360 Enables Measurements in Spherical Photos


Arithmetica has announced a new version of their SphereVision 360 degree imaging software that includes support for NCTech’s “industrial grade” iSTAR panoramic 360° camera, as well as the iSTAR Measurement Module.

The iSTAR Measurement Module requires no additional data—like LiDAR imagery—to perform measurements within a 360° image. It can gather measurements directly as long as the user has captured a “stereo pair.” This allows users to perform photo documentation quickly over large areas and take measurements once back in the office.

NCTech designed the functionality for users performing forensic evidence collection, as-built surveying, asset management and construction to capture data quickly within their existing workflows.

The functionality augments SphereVision 360’s existing features, which allow for the integration of 360° media with maps, plans, or layouts, where users can also add 2D video, sound recordings, and other documents.

This announcement follows an agreement Arithmetica inked with NCTech to join the “NCTech Integrated” partner community. This agreement gives Arithmetica full, free access to the NCTech Measurement Module software development kit (SDK), which allows them to build the Measurement Module and its functionality into any of their products.

According to NCTech, Arithmetica is one of the first developers to incorporate the module into its software.

Neil Tocher, Chief Technology Officer at NCTech, explained in a prepared statement, “We have developed the NCTech SDK in response to requests from users who want a faster way to generate measurements from their existing recording systems. Our open strategy makes highly valuable functionality, like the Measurement Module, more universally and synergistically accessible from within third party software, like Arithmetica’s SphereVision.”

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