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March 8, 2011

SPAR keynotes run the gamut


Execs from BP, Autodesk, Vectors, Bookcliff Survey, Historic Scotland to cover the wide swath of the 3D imaging industry

HOUSTON—Perhaps most remarkable about the slate of keynote speakers at the upcoming SPAR International conference is the sheer breadth of the industries they serve. From David Lafferty, BP, to Brian Mathews, Autodesk Labs, to Ruth Parsons, Historic Scotland, to the intriguing border-security project headed up by Robert Green and Shawn Binion  — this year’s attendees will truly get a flavor of just how creative people can get with using laser scanners and 3D data. 

Lafferty, chief technology officer and technology advisor for Information Technology & Services at BP, represents the industrial application that many may feel is the “classic” use of laser scanning. But BP’s pursuit of 3D virtual environments – what Lafferty calls a “game changing” opportunity – takes the technology to its next evolution, and by doing so is expected to add $50 million or more to BP’s bottom line.

Contrast that with the elegance and historic significance of the work done by Ruth Parsons’ Historic Scotland, for which she serves as executive director. Charged with safeguarding her nation’s, and the world’s, historic treasures, Parsons will show us what her organization does and how far it reaches: 

Here is the first of the Scottish Ten – New Lanark – in a photo real 3D animation:

And here is a brief glimpse of the work that was done scanning Mt. Rushmore:

Historic Scotland’s partnership with Cyark sets the standard for how historic preservation work is going to be done for the foreseeable future. 

The future — that’s where Brian Mathews, VP of Autodesk Labs takes us. His talk will explore technology trends that are revolutionizing the design process and changing the actors who play a role in that process. Beginning with advances in reality capture, he’ll track how a 3D technology explosion changes the way we imaging, design, and create a better world. 

Finally, there is the presentation to be given by Robert Green, of Vectors Incorporated, and Shawn Binion, of Bookcliff Survey Services. Their work in spatial imaging along the US/Mexico border is so interesting we’re not allowed to tell you much about it. Suffice it to say the presentation centers around a geodetic and 3D scanning survey of a drug smuggling tunnel. 

The story they were asked to help investigate reads like a Hollywood crime flick. 

Of course, these presentations represent just the beginning of what we here at SPAR 3D feel is a strong line-up of innovative presenters for 2011.  

We hope you’ll be intrigued, educated, inspired, and armed with information and ideas that will help you make your organizations more productive, and make our world safer.

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