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October 13, 2011

SPAR Europe to Feature More Than a Dozen Live Demonstrations

Murder Scene Investigation, Underwater Scanning Demo, Long-Range Scanning among Demos in Store for SPAR Europe 2011 Participants

11 October 2011 – Portland, Maine, USA – SPAR 3D has announced that more than a dozen live demonstrations will take place during SPAR Europe 2011, the Conference on 3D Imaging & Data Management for Engineering/Construction/Manufacturing/Security. The live demonstrations were the brainchild of Tom Greaves, Managing Director of SPAR 3D, whose positive experience at 2 highly interactive, hands-on events prompted the desire to develop a more interactive, experiential SPAR Europe 8-9 November in The Hague. 

Greaves said he wants to reconstruct the dynamism and energy he experienced at both the Maker Faire in New York City and the International Police Workshop on Photogrammetry & Laser Scanning in Neuss, Germany within SPAR Europe. “Participants—myself included—were passionate, engaged and involved; when not testing new technologies or ideas first-hand, they were interacting with other users and creators to learn more.” He realized recreating such an environment at SPAR Europe required developing numerous live demonstrations in which learning is accomplished by doing, seeing, trying, testing. 

The following live demonstrations have been announced:  

Visit to CSI – The Hague
Tour of CSI-The-Hague to learn about the latest technologies being used for crime and forensic investigations in The Netherlands.   

 Murder on the Exhibit Floor!The Forensic & Security track will showcase a murder scene cordoned off by tape in the Exhibit area; scans will be taken and the processed data presented on Wednesday, 9 November.  

Portable Scanning – Who Says you Can’t Take it with You? Dr. Christian Hesse will demonstrate portable scanning outside the conference facility on Tuesday, and will present the processed results in the “Portable/Mobile Mapping” session on Wednesday, 9 November.  

Roadway Accident Scene – Rubbernecking Encouraged!A roadway accident scene be will set up outside the World Forum; scans of the damaged vehicle will be taken via both stationary and mobile units, as well as with digital cameras for photogrammetric results. Scanning will take place Monday-Wednesday, and the processed data will presented for methods comparisons on Wednesday, 9 November. 

Scanning the GemeentemuseumThe Gemeentemuseum is steps away; scans and digital photos of the building architecture will be taken and processed on Monday-Wednesday, and the processed data will presented for methods comparisons on Wednesday, 9 November. 

Going Below – Scanning the Boiler RoomDesigned for those in building, process and power industries, a mechanical area will be cordoned off to showcase live scanning including clash detection. Scans will take place on Monday and Tuesday, 7-8 November, and results will be reported on Wednesday, 9 November. 

Underwater Demo Underwater scanning will be conducted in a tank on Monday-Wednesday, with results shown on Wednesday in the 16:00 – 17:30 session. 

Long-Range Scanning The World Forum rooftop offers sightlines of up to 1km; scans will be conducted Monday-Wednesday, and results presented in the 16:00 – 17:30 session. 

 Bullet HolesA frame will be set up on which 4 materials (a wall, a door, glass pane and a car door) will be placed for lasers canning and probing demonstrations. The Netherlands Police will do test shots and make lasers cans of the test situations available on November 2; this information will be relayed to all participants prior to scanning onsite.  

Mobile Scanning and Mapping DemonstrationsMobile data capture rigs from MDL, RIEGL, Topcon and StreetMapper will be at the ready to take to the streets of The Hague, demonstrating to passengers how data is collected at posted speeds with survey-grade accuracy.  

“We’re really looking forward to giving participants a unique opportunity  to see and test technologies, ask questions, share challenges and come away with new skills and proven techniques,” said Greaves. He added that demonstrations that don’t apply directly to a participant’s field or industry can spark a new idea, workflow or workaround.  

 Demonstrations are included with SPAR Europe conference registration, but space is limited. Greaves recommends registering for SPAR Europe to ensure a front-row seat at these live demonstrations.  

 About SPAR 3D and Diversified Business Communications SPAR 3D investigates and reports on 3D scanning, imaging and position capture technologies used to improve the productivity, quality, safety and risk profile of engineering, fabrication, construction and manufacturing operations. Wholly-owned by Diversified Business Communications, the company’s annual SPAR conferences in the United States, Europe and Japan attract project managers, engineering and technical leads, industrial metrologists and surveyors, security and law enforcement professionals and experts in historic preservation and documentation. The events showcase new data capture and processing technologies used for 3D surveying and dimensional control for work on offshore platforms, nuclear power plant modifications, refinery revamps, discrete and process manufacturing, transportation, building and civil infrastructure projects, historic preservation as well as forensic investigations and security planning.  

Diversified Business Communications based in Portland, Maine, USA, provides information and market access through face-to-face events, magazine publishing, and online resources on four continents. Diversified serves a number of industries including: food, technology, commercial marine, oil & gas, and business management. Diversified operates divisions in Australia, Hong Kong, India, the UK and Canada. For more information, visit: 

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